PENN is quite simply the most popular and durable brand of saltwater fishing reels and rods in the industry. From inshore redfish and trout tackle to offshore big game marlin and tuna, PENN reels provide leading innovation along with world records. We field test our reels with the top anglers in the industry to always provide the most reliable and battle tested reels on the market.

Conventional Reels

Whether trolling, bottom fishing, jigging or casting baits, PENN conventional reels are up for the challenge. Big gamefish don’t stand a chance when matched up against anglers using equipment designed for success.

Spinning Reels

The legendary status of PENN spinning reels was earned by day in and day out use with the most respected anglers, guides and charter captains. PENN spinning reels are some of the most recognizable fishing reels on the planet, and we just keep making them better, stronger and more durable.

Baitcast Reels

Balanced to compliment your favorite casting rod, PENN baitcast reels are a must for inshore anglers who require accurate casts and large capacities. Our reels will become your favorite for targeting trout, reds or your favorite species.