Versa-Gear Sets

New Torque™ star drag reels come standard with a 6.0:1 gear ratio for rapid line retrieve. However you may find the need for a lower gear ratio in certain fishing situations, for example: bottom fishing where power is more important than speed. For these situations we offer our Versa-Gear™ system which allows you to easily purchase and install a 5.4:1 or 4.8:1 ratio. Versa-Gear sets are sold where ever PENN reels are sold. Click HERE for instructions on changing gear sets.

Model# Ratio Inches Per Turn Ratio Inches Per Turn Ratio Inches Per Turn
TRQ12 6.0:1 28" 5.4:1 25" 4.8:1 23"
TRQ15 28" 25" 23"
TRQ25 32" 29" 26"
TRQ30 40" 36" 32"
TRQ40 40" 36" 32"