Spinfisher Ugly Stik

The Spinfisher® SSg & SSm has been paired with the extremely durable, renowned Ugly Stik®, resulting in one of the most durable and capable combos on the market. The classic Spinfisher reel features an exceptionally strong yet lightweight ergonomically contoured frame design with five corrosion resistant stainless steel ball bearings.

Matched with the Ugly Stik, this set-up is perfect for chasing redfish, stalking stripers, and just about everything else that swims.


Spinfisher Reel

HT-100™ drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads

Machined and anodized aluminum spool

Stainless steel main shaft

5+1 Stainless steel bearing system

Ugly Stik® Rod

Ugly Stick Howald Process Blank

Stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts

EVA grips (Select Models)

Fuji® reel seat

Full Metal Body
Braid Ready
Infinite Anti Reverse
Model Reel Line Capacity Rod Length Pcs Power Line Wt Handle
9440IS661M 440SSg 220yds/10lb SPI11661M 6’6” 1 L 6-15 lb Cork
9440IS701ML 440SSg 220yds/10lb SPI11701ML 7’0” 1 L 6-15 lb Cork
9450IS701M 450SSg 220yds/12lb SPI11701M 7’0” 1 L 6-15 lb Cork
9550IS701MH 550SSg 270yds/12lb SP11701MH 7’0” 1 ML 8-17 lb Cork
9550BW662MH 550SSg 270yds/12lb BWS110066 6’6” 2 M 10-25 lb EVA
9550BW702MH 550SSg 270yds/12lb BWS110070 7’0” 2 M 10-25 lb EVA
9550BW701MH 550SSg 270yds/12lb BWS110170 7’0” 1 MH 12-30 lb EVA
9550BW802MH 550SSg 270yds/12lb BWS110080 8’0” 2 M 10-25 lb EVA
9750BW701H 750SSm 290yds/20lb BWS110270 7’0” 1 M 15-40 lb EVA
9750BW902MH 750SSm 290yds/20lb BWS110090 9’0” 2 MH 12-30 lb EVA