The Conquer™ spinning reel is built with all the quality and workmanship PENN has delivered for over 75 years. Designed for inshore and nearshore species, so whether you are fishing for tarpon or trout, the Conquer comes in five sizes to match the fish you’re after.

The Easy Access System is the most innovative maintenance feature ever introduced in a spinning reel. By simply backing out one screw on the stem of the reel, the rear hatch opens and gives full access to the gearbox. Now you are able to grease gears and oil bearings in a matter of seconds. All parts are contained within the gearbox so you won’t have to worry about any parts falling out., which makes this system extremely easy to use. The EAS makes maintaining your reel easy, and the more you maintain your reels the longer they last.

Eternal Alloy

Eternal Alloy is a revolutionary material utilized on the spool lip that provides performance far exceeding any other material. Its unique atomic structure is impervious to any performance robbing corrosion, bumps, scratches, stresses and dings that extreme fishing conditions can dish out. The strength and hardness are more than twice that of a typical titanium alloy. It is three times harder than steel and six times harder than aluminum. Unlike coatings which are placed over material with weaker properties that eventually cause failure, Eternal Alloy parts are Eternal Alloy all the way through. The extreme strength and hardness of the Eternal Alloy spool lip prevents nicks and dings that decrease casting distance and damage line.

Superline Spool

No backing is needed because the rubber gasket keeps superlines from slipping.

HT-100™ Drag Washers

HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads


The Conquer features a Techno-Balanced rotor which gives it extra-smooth retrieves even under heavy pressure.



One-piece machined aluminum gear box

Forged, Machined, and Anodized aluminum spool

10 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings

Infinite anti-reverse

Braid ready to handle the strain that superlines puts on a reel

Friction trip ramp prevents premature bait trip when casting

Easy Access System
Eternal Alloy
Superline Spool
Braid Ready
Infinite Anti Reverse
Model Mono Cap. (yds/lb) Braid Cap. (yds/lb) Bearings Max Drag Gear Ratio Line Retrieve Weight
CQR2000 250/4 • 185/6 • 130/8 250/8 • 210/10 • 180/15 10+1 12 lbs 5.1:1 28(in) 9.9(oz)
CQR4000 260/8 • 200/10 • 165/12 325/10 • 280/15 • 180/20 10+1 19 lbs 5.8:1 32(in) 11.1(oz)
CQR5000 250/12 • 190/15 • 170/17 350/15 • 250/20 • 200/30 10+1 22 lbs 4.8:1 31(in) 14.6(oz)
CQR7000 250/15 • 210/17 • 170/20 400/20 • 325/30 • 250/50 10+1 32 lbs 4.8:1 37(in) 18.1(oz)
CQR8000 390/17 •310/20 • 270/25 600/30 • 420/50 • 350/65 10+1 32 lbs 4.7:1 40(in) 23.4(oz)
Conquer is rated 4.7143 out of 5 by 7.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from awsome reel Last year I bought a conqueor 8000 and put it on a tiger lite jogging rod 6 foot with 65 pound power pro braid. We went fishing off of Georgetown to a wreck called cape romaine and when we got there we thought we had hung the wreck so we were about to try to break the line then all of a sudden it started stripping drag as big as this thing was we said we were going to video it and according to the video 45 minutes later we had pulled a shark out of 70 feet of water we marked it on the side of the boat and when we got home it measured up to be 9 feet and 250 pounds. With all the drag on that conqueor 8000 it took 3 people to take turns fighting that fish for 45 minutes. The reel is incredibly smooth and the drag even with all those pounds of drag on it. I am very pleased. 
Date published: 2014-04-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best of the best! First I'll admit to being very pro Penn products. I've never been let down by their products going back almost 30 years. So in saying that, I'm normally a baitcaster and conventional reel kinda guy while my wife enjoys spinning reel tackle. My wife and I had a fishing vacation set up not long ago and, while I got myself set up with my favorite conventional gear, a Penn TRQ100 Star Drag Reel, I bought my wife a Conquer 5000 spinning reel. Long story short, we had a great time catching everything that swam. I was amazed, as was my wife at the "gutsy" Conquer she'd been fishing with. She's a very petite woman who isn't necessarily strong but she man-handled everything she caught with that reel and never worked up a sweat. I think I had more fun watching her fish than catching fish myself! The drag ran smooth, quiet and cool. I couldn't believe it. She never had any backlashes and casted farther than I'd seen her cast with any of her "bicycle" company reels that she normally uses for largemouth bass. She let me use it a bit and I really enjoyed using it also. Had it on a standard 8' travel casting rod and we were getting out far enough in the surf with plugs to catch Blues! I couldn't believe it. Needless to say, I bought another Conquer in a 2000 for a more recent trip with Redfish and Spec. Trout and had the time of my life with that reel. I'd wished I'd had something just a tad larger so I have a Conquer in the 4000 frame on order, as I write this and can't wait to use it when we return to "the lagoon" next spring!  If you have any doubts about whether to purchase a Conquer, plz. be relieved to know that in my opinion it's one of the very best of the best in any and all categories. From the moment to put it in your hands and turn the handle until it's mounted on your rod and your casting it to your favorite fish, you will know and realize that you couldn't have bought a better engineered reel on the planet for the money from anyone! Buy one or miss out on the fun!
Date published: 2014-04-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Found my Reel! Ive had this reel for about 6 months now in the 4000 size, and I love it so much. I fish the backcountry of Naples, FL, and I am continuously getting it soaked. This reel has a great drag, power, and especially line capacity. I hooked up on about an 80 pound tarpon expecting to get spooled immediately, but with its strong drag and amazing line capacity, I brought it up to the boat. If you are looking for a great backwater reel, this is the one.
Date published: 2014-04-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Penn Conquer review from Joseph E. WPB FL Hello guys, I wanted to inform fishermen interested in this great reel about it's performance especially after owning for 3 years four models..  I started with the 7000 after getting spooled on the Battle 5000 .. although the spool capacity is less for same pd test it's drag is much stronger and the over all feel and smoothness of the Conquer is fantastic. I managed to pull many 6' Blacktip and bulls of the beach (may I included I recommend the Penn Legion H 7' rod for 70000CQ).  Downsizing my 5000CQ was the next purchased, great for pier, kayak or boat. My 4000 matched with another Legion 7'6" ML rod is my hands down Snook and Reds rod, 2k is my small inshore and freshwater species go too.  The only one issue I can advise everyone is the lever pivot those fail after 1-2 years, a very simple fix which I believe it's caused from trying to close the bail by reeling (manually close bail) inform others before lendingyour gear!  Still. 5 star reel in my opinion thank you Penn a huge fan with your reels, will start leaving feedback on all my reels after 2 years of ownership 
Date published: 2014-04-15