PENN offers you the finest quality rods available. We engineer each rod blank with a specific action and fishing technique in mind in order to develop durable and balanced rods that are designed for any fishery or application. Pair a PENN rod with one of our reels and you’ll know you have the features, actions and balance to get the job done.

Boat Rods

Created to handle the most extreme situations, PENN Boat Rods are the heavyweight champs of the fishing rod universe. Whether you are trolling, live baiting or bottom fishing, PENN boat rods are built with the durability and power to stand up to the most demanding fishing conditions.

Jigging Rods

PENN jigging rods are light and sensitive yet incredibly strong to handle the task of pumping big tuna, snapper and grouper up from the depths. Our jigging rods' triangular shaped Torque™ grips are contoured, not round, to fit the hand and eliminate rod twisting while under a heavy load.

Inshore Rods

Whether teasing a shy trout, pitching to a tailing redfish, battling a powerful tarpon or slowing slowing the hard run of a snook, we all can relate to the inshore experience. And with PENN Inshore rods, the action is now more exciting. Pair a Legion or Allegiance rod with your PENN reel and you’ll have one serious piece of inshore artillery.

Surf Rods

Technique and styles vary from one beach to another, but one thing is constant in surf fishing - PENN. Our Surf Rods are designed to allow for super long casts that can get a bait out beyond the breakers on the beach.